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Our book "The Motherhood of Art" will be published by Schiffer in April 2020. The book features 30+ interviews with creative mothers who share how they make things work in their own way. Our goal is that it provides encouragement, tactical tips, and helps people to not feel alone in their yearning to make time for their own dreams while also juggling family life.

192 pages, 8.5 x 10” hardcover

Contributors to the book and links to their IG accounts:

Karina Bania, painter, San Diego, CA @karinabania

Sonia Brittain, drawing & painting, Bay Area, CA @soniabrittainart

Meredith Bullock, painter, Nashville, TN @meredithcbullock

Kia Cannons, painter, United Kingdom @sticksandink

Rachael Cole, illustrator, Brooklyn, NY @rachaelcole

Elise Blaha Cripe, creator of The Get to Work Book, San Diego, CA @elisejoy

Carrie Crawford, art & textile designer, Fairfax, CA @mineralworkshop

Penelope Dullaghan, illustrator, Indianapolis, IN @penelope_dullaghan

Marissa Huber East, painter & pattern design, Ft. Lauderdale, FL @marissahuber

Jen Fontenello, ceramicist, Overland Park, KA @artbyjenf

Allison Ford, painter, South Carolina @helloallisonart

Monika Forsberg, illustrator, London UK @monika_forsberg

Kimberly Glyder, illustrator, Philadelphia, PA @kglyder

Michele Heslope, painter, Vancouver Island, Canada @michelleheslop

Heather Kirtland, painter, Baltimore, MD @heatherkirtland

Kate Lewis, painter, Chigago, IL @katelewisart

Maryanne Moodie, fiber artist, Melboune, AUS and Brooklyn, NY @maryannemoodie

Sonal Nathwani , painter & pattern designer, Vienna, Austria @sonaln

A’driane Nieves, painter, Philadelphia, PA @addyed_art

Katya Roberts, installation artist, Rochester, Minnesota @katyaroberts

Erin Raedeke, painter @erinraedeke

Katrina Rodabaugh, artist, writer & crafter, Hudson Valley, NY @katrinarodabaugh

Meghan Bogden Shimek, fiber artist, Oakland CA@meghanshimek

Lisa Anderson Schaffer, fiber artist, photographer & author, West Marin, CA @zelmarose

Lisa Solomon, illustrator, installation artist, Oakland, CA @lisasolomon

Isadora Stowe, multi-media artist, New Mexico @isadorastowe

Saba Tadele, artist, writer , photgrapher @sabatadele

Amy Tan, writer and product designer, California @amytangerine

Deborah Velasquez, artist and designer, New England @velasquezstudio

Emeline Villedary, artist & designer, Canada @emelinevilledary

Elena Skoreyko Wagner, illustrator, Canada @elenaskoreyko