Creative Live: 28 to Make

Our friends at Creative Live  reached out to let us know of a fun (and free) class they're launching Monday, 6/4 called "28 to Make". They thought it would be a good fit for the Carve Out Time for Art community. After speaking with Melissa and looking at the free program myself, I agreed! The first video is with Kate Bingaman-Burt who is an illustrator I admire.

With summer approaching, we figured some of you may want a fun daily prompt and ~2 minute video to warm up or get the creativity flowing. We asked Melissa at Creative Live to provide information, and ask her colleagues what inspires them to create.

See below and we hope you'll join in! - Marissa & Heather

28 to Make on Creative Live

mind-map-blue (1).png

This summer we're launching 28 to Make! It's a 28-day challenge to express yourself creatively through a series of an amazing set of short classes. From drawing to lettering, music to poetry, there are projects anyone can make. In honor of our launch, we asked team members of Creative Live:

What inspires you to be creative? 

  1. Being around other creative individuals
  2. Live performances or art shows
  3. Constantly challenging myself in finding new ways to solve current problems
  4. Being outside - Escaping the city to be somewhere quieter and more natural 
  5. Pinterest (makes me feel like I can DIY/create ANYTHING)
  6. Instagram since it's an easy way to quickly find and view inspirational content
  7. Dance shows or choreography videos

Don't lose your creative edge this summer and keep yourself creating!

Link to take free class "28 to Make" on Creative Live:

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