Carving Out Time for Art Interview Series

I am fascinated by other people's daily lives, especially about how they make time for passion projects, side gigs, hobbies, and art. After taking a hiatus from painting after my son was born, one day I just started creating again. The new porcelain palette gifted from my husband was calling to me. Little by little, muscle memory came back, and I started feeling more inspired than ever. I set up my work area to be easier to use in short bursts, and for the first time in awhile, all I wanted to do was paint. I started painting faster and looser so that I could feel like I did something, even if it was for 10 minutes. It also felt good because I resented being told that once I was a mother, I'd never again have a free moment to myself ever again.

Around the same time, I started posting my work on Instagram, which was life changing. I loved feeling like a member of this supportive maker / artist community, and connecting with like minded people also putting themselves out there. Encouragement from others and cheering for new friends gave me more confidence and motivation.

I read an interview in Domino Magazine with Jaime Derringer, and related to the surge in creativity she mentioned after having her daughter. I commented to her on IG that it resonated with me, and she mentioned that other people had said the same. That's when I got the idea to ask others how motherhood had changed their approach to art, and how they found time to paint. (Oh, and I also asked Jaime herself to participate!)

These women are all very different, but share amazing dedication and talent - whether they are finding time to paint right now or not. I can't wait to share their interviews with you over the next couple of months.

I'll post these features for Carving Out Time for Artevery Monday, starting on May 4th! Feel free to follow me on Instagram and I'll post the link each Monday.