Creative Spaces: Megan Gray

Creative Spaces is an ongoing series which asks artists to name three things they love about the spaces where they make their art. The spaces are as unique as the artists themselves, and we hope you'll be inspired and encouraged by seeing how they make things happen.

Megan Gray: I'm creating art while homeschooling three awesome kids, and while being a full-time rv dwelling family.

1. The simplicity. Having a small space gave me the opportunity to really learn what medium and what kind of art I wanted to create. This also helps me focus and not to be so scattered with tons of different supplies. 

2. The small space forces me to get outside more. I will take my work out to the picnic table, sketch at the park while the kids play, and also paint more en plein air. 

3. My easel is always there no matter where we are. I love that. I have a small enough setup that even while traveling, I will be able to paint when I want to. My home and my art are always with me, so no excuses.

If you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out the in depth interview we did with Megan earlier this year about being an Artist and a Mother. 


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