Join Us for the 2nd Annual COTFA Hashtag Challenge Week!

Heather had the great idea to do a COTFA Hashtag challenge last year, and we had so much fun learning about you guys! We cannot express how much we appreciate and love this community, although I think it's obvious. Otherwise we wouldn't spend our free time doing this if it wasn't so special! That being said, we'd love to meet more of you (especially the new faces) and do this again! 

We hope you will participate in our 2nd Annual COTFA Hashtag Challenge! It starts Monday, May 8 through Friday, May 12th.

Each day we'll ask you to share a photo or video (or stories!) related to the hashtag for that day. You'll share your interpretation or answer to the question, tag @carveouttimeforart and the day's hashtag so we can find you!

We then encourage you to search out others to learn more about each other, deepen connections, and give support. We hope you'll find new friends to follow!

Here are the prompts below. Hint: click on the hashtag links to see examples from last year.

Monday 5/8:  #COTFAIntroductions

  • This is to kick off our our hashtag challenge week.  Share a picture of yourself and tell us a little about you!  What do you create?  Do you have a day job? Are you a parent, a student, a retiree? What else are you interested in?  Have you done anything fun and exciting?

Tuesday 5/9: #TaDa_Tuesday

  • What are you working on?  This doesn't have to be a large scale completed work. What's mid process, what's in your sketchbook? Share it!

Wednesday 5/10: #HowICOTFA

  • Tell us how you find time to create and carve out time for art. What has helped you the most?

Thursday 5/11: #ShowUsYourSpace

  • Where do you create?  We'd love to see where the magic happens.  Studios, dining rooms, couches..Marissa has a rickety table and a shelf in her childhood bedroom right now...

Friday 5/12: #CreativePinkieSwear

  • Have something you've been putting off but would really like to accomplish? Share it here! And we can hold each other accountable.

Follow us on Instagram @carveouttimeforart where we frequently re-post and share work from friends in our community we find via #carveouttimeforart hashtags!