Art Helping to Get Your Life Back with Christy Lawrence

I met Christy Lawrence through Instagram, and she quickly became one of my trusted creative friends. When she traveled from Australia to Miami with her husband last year, we got to have a double date (with my toddler and husband) and had a fantastic time. Meeting a creative friend in person that you've shared so much with feels like hanging out with someone you've known your whole life. It was magic. I'm so proud of Christy, because she had an idea for a visual Instagram planner app that is simple and genius. But unlike a majority of people with a good idea, she took it on to figure out how to create an app, hire a team, pitch it, and recently launch it for both Android and IOS. She is a spitfire, compassionate, and driven. I'm so lucky to call her my friend. And you will be also, since I don't think she's ever met a stranger. She writes the most hysterical captions and comments on the internet. Seriously.

I'm sharing here because I wanted you all to know the backstory that she recently shared on Plann's newsletter. It's about why she created Plann app, and most importantly, how she used art to heal from a life changing illness. I know many of you will be able to relate. Thanks for sharing so vulnerably, Christy.


Not many of you know, but I had no idea how to build software. This project started after I got a nasty flu which spread into my brain (I know, what?!) and ruined my entire vestibular function. 

Basically, I was dizzy, unbalanced, (drunk?), unable to focus my eyes or walk properly - crippled for about two years. For someone especially hyperactive, a promising Advertising career, playing semi-professional sport and had just snagged myself a hot new husband - I didn't really know what to do with myself. 

One of Christy's paintings

One of Christy's paintings

After brain scans revealed nothing major, the doctors all told me that people that they've seen like this never recover. In short, they told me that my life was over at 28 and I'd need someone to look after me (at this point my new hubs was helping me in-and-out of the shower) and that I probably wasn't going to work again either. 

As you can imagine, even with the most optimistic of streaks this type of news can break you - and believe me, it did. I was barely able to walk through the house, cooking in 6 minute swells was impossible and all I could bring myself to do was lay on the floor and return to my first love, illustrating. 

Christy painting at Bondi Beach in Sydney

Christy painting at Bondi Beach in Sydney

To get out of my darkest moments I would paint and draw, the creative trance really can do wonders and for a few hours at a time I would forget my life. Posting daily on Instagram held me accountable, and of course my advertising brain was still fully functioning and after people started offering to buy my artwork - this idea starting building. It was true, the better my feed looked, the more money people would offer. 

Christy's artwork on her personal Instagram

Christy's artwork on her personal Instagram

I'm happy to announce that it's now 3 years later, although I still see a specialist once a month, it's now because I'm one of those case studies of 'that girl who healed herself'. Although Plann is out there, I'm just so excited that I have my life back and through my own rehab I was able to create something so positive for the creative community.

Launch is here and I'm feeling a whirl of emotions and just wanted to share what you have all helped me do, effectively, you've helped me get my life back.

Plann Image using  artist Mari Orr's Artwork

Plann Image using artist Mari Orr's Artwork

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored, and we have not received any money for this. Christy is a personal friend of mine and I have Beta tested and purchased PLANN for IOS with my own money. She has offered 2 free apps for our readers which we will give away on Instagram per all Instagram rules. I decided to align her offer for 2 free apps with the post I asked her to share a month ago. I wanted to provide all this inforamtion to be completely transparent for our readers, and for FTC guidelines as well. My intent is to share her story, and a product which I enjoy and think others will appreciate using to make their IG feed look beautiful, and have more time to create artwork! - Marissa Huber